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A Design Driven, Resimercial Furniture Brand

Muuto is a Scandinavian brand offering an expanded breadth and depth of affordable luxury, modern furnishings and accessories reflecting today’s evolving work styles and trends in residential design, with particular appeal to a younger generation seeking a casual, more relaxed aesthetic.


Just what is “Resimercial Furniture?”

It’s the next trend-of-the-future, blending the look and comforts of residential furniture with the high-performance standards of commercial-contract furnishings. The term “resimercial” emerged from the ever-growing need for businesses to appeal to a younger, more creative workforce – a workforce motivated and inspired by residential furnishings with softer lines and a homier, more relaxed and handcrafted feel without compensating the quality performance standards of commercial-contract furniture that can withstand high traffic wear-and-tear requirements. Resimercial is quickly becoming the norm in the Continental U.S., Canada and Europe for informal business areas purposed for collaboration, relaxation and hospitality.